I'm Ben, lovely to meet you! Being a lifelong fan of motorsport and gaming has led me to this point where i'm able to offer up services to help enrich the sim racing community. Been able to invest into sim racing more heavily over the past 5 years getting my own simple setup a few years ago - thanks to Simply Race for instance for getting me into racing using a proper setup! 

Been doing graphic design as a hobby for 10+ years and have developed into the world of livery design from there. After doing commissions i've now felt ready to publicise the work i'm doing to people like you!

Co-founder at oNiD Racing, and currently heading up the media side of the community; if you see something visual from oNiD there's strong chance I designed it. The visual/design side to sim racing is definitely something i've invested a lot of time into. You're more likely to see me on photoshop than on-track right now, but for me sim racing is about the community just as much as the racing.

In addition to all of that I also stream on Twitch a few times a week if i'm taking part in events or just randomly racing. If the work i'm doing here continues to grow then expect some livery creation streams in the future!

Thank you for checking out my website and taking the time to have a look around; if you have any queries please feel free to contact me.